Why Our Price is Our Price


When you are hiring a vendor, you are purchasing their expertise as well as their time. And, it takes lots of time behind the scenes to create the final product.

Couples are often shocked at the price tag attached to wedding services. “But I’m only hiring you for a few hours!” is a common reaction. In reality, vendors spend many hours outside your wedding day timeline on planning, vendor communication, rehearsals, meetings, travel, parking, site visits and all the logistics necessary to make their contribution to your day look easy and effortless. This doesn’t even take into account the necessary time and financial investment in initial training and education, systems, subscriptions, taxes, staffing costs as well as ongoing study and investment to keep skills sharp and equipment and offerings up to date.

1 – Describe the You’re The Bride experience.

Streamline the process to reduce stress and wasted time searching for vendors, wasting $ etc.

Couples really enjoy this time when working with us.

Manage details –there are a zillion, not new territory for us.

Have their back-best interest.

End result is best day ever and being a guest at your own wedding not running around

2 – What can a couple in love expect from you and your group?

We return calls and emails quickly

Professional service and advice, questions.

3 – Walk me through the process from first meet to after the event.

Initial consultation – 40 minute zoom  

Find out want and needs.  

Match up vendors on budget and personality.

Review contracts for accuracy.

Coordinate and Plan event.

Accompany to meetings, venue, selection from cake, invitations, lighting, décor, etc.

With them every step of the way, captain of the ship, guiding them, hurdles.

Day of through the end to ensure all is well.

Follow-up after for testimonial

4 – What separates YTB from the rest?

Over two decades of experience, true passion for wedding, doing what we love.

One-stop shop offering everything from invitations, bridal Accessories, calligraphy, programs, gown cleaning and more!

We would love if you would give us a call so you can take first step to a stress-free day!

Why should you choose You’re The Bride for your wedding planner/coordinator?

That’s a fair question, and one you should definitely ask, before deciding. Rather than tell you about our experience and professionalism, we’d rather let our couples, people just like you, tell you their experiences having us for their weddings by reading their reviews of our services. Click here 

Just a few common phrases our clients have said while working with us and after!

-Worth every penny!

-Dot’s all the “i’s” and crosses all the “t’s

-Thinks of everything

-Goes above and beyond


-Helpful ideas

-On top of everything

-Like an insurance policy that paid out 10x on wedding day! 

If these are the kinds of results you’d like for your wedding, call  or contact us today!



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