How Did You Forget That? The Top Things That Brides Often Forget About

Wedding planning is an overwhelming time for any bride to be. There is so much to think about. It’s too
easy to be distracted by one thing and another and even easier to forget the little things that some people
would notice. Without further ado here are the things a bride is likely to forget when planning a wedding.

Wedding favours

Brides can get so wrapped up in everything to do with their wedding that things like favours can be forgotten.
For anyone who isn’t sure what a wedding favour is here is a little explanation. A wedding favour is a token
of appreciation to your guests for attending your big day. Things like candied almonds are more of a traditional
gift. But these days you can get quite creative. Perhaps this is why wedding favours can be forgotten. But take it
from me your guests will notice.

Bridesmaid gifts

It is a lovely gesture to offer your bridesmaids and maid of honours a gift. This is normally handed over to them
during the speeches when the best man toasts the bridesmaids. This could be anything but the more personal,
the better. This is a brides way of saying thank you for all the help and hard work. Things like jewelry are always
well received.

The all-important photographer

Believe it or not, it can be quite easy to forget all about the wedding photographer for your wedding day. With so much
focus on the venu, the dress and the guests, you may forget that you want to capture the day as well. Speaking with
specialists like Lin and Jirsa gets you booking a good photographer early on, so that you know that this detail is at least
ticked off the list of jobs that need to be done.

Bridesmaid shoes and accessories.

Brides will have everything organised for themselves. But it’s easy to overlook the bridesmaids complete outfits.
The dress will have been organised but what about their shoes and accessories? When organising your bridesmaids make
sure you speak to them and either get involved in their choices or make them aware it is down to them.

Booking hair and makeup.

You may have been organized but up to the day of the wedding you realise you forgot all about your hair and makeup.
It happens. Again, it’s easy to focus on what you are wearing rather than the complete look. It’s always a good idea to
write a list for everyone in the bridal party to make sure you cover all the bases.

Wedding night accommodation

Unless you are have your wedding reception at a hotel where a room might be included in your package, it’s easy to forget
about where you will stay. Getting from the reception to a place to stay is also a very common mistake some brides make.
The best thing to do is discuss with your partner or friends everything to do with the wedding and try and tick off a list.

It’s hard planning a wedding. It’s easy to see why some brides can forget a few details. But the most important thing is to
enjoy the day. All of your guests will have fun spending time with family and friends and celebrating the love.

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