The Big Day: 5 Things Not to Leave Until the Last Minute

So, the big day is not too far away, but are you prepared for it? You might be putting off a few basic tasks, but that’s not always a great idea. You can often make mistakes and fall short if you leave too many of those important things until the last minute. So, here are some of the wedding tasks that you definitely shouldn’t hesitate to address soon.
1. Getting Your Marriage License
First of all, you need to make sure that you get your marriage license. If you fail to get this, you simply won’t be able to get married. So, you can’t afford to forget about this. Imagine how you would feel if you left it too late and then didn’t get that license. Your entire day and all your plans would be ruined. It’s not worth it, so don’t let it come to that. If you leave until the last minute, you don’t know what could happen or go wrong.
2. The Invitations
Your invitations should be sent out as early as possible. There are many reasons for this. For a start, you want as many people as possible to be able to attend your wedding. If you send the invitations out late, then fewer people will be able to attend. Whereas, if you send them out early, people won’t have made other plans yet. You should take the time to design the invitations, and use embossed cards. That way, they’ll look great when your guests receive them.
3. Creating the Menus and Ceremony Programs
The wedding should have a program that shows everyone what will happen throughout the day. These need to be designed and printed, so it’s important to get them sorted in advance. If there is a printing mistake, for example, you will want to get it fixed ahead of the big day. And the same is true of the menus. They need to be printed clearly and read to go when the day of your wedding arrives.
4. The Seating Plan
Getting the seating plan right is essential when you’re organising your wedding. It can be complicated and frustrating. You’re always worrying about who should sit with who. You don’t want to sit two people next to each other if they don’t get along. The last thing you need is for an argument to break out between two of your family members. Get this time-consuming task out of the way as quickly as you can. You don’t need all that stress as your big day approaches.
5. Packing for the Honeymoon
When the wedding is done, you and your partner will be heading off on your honeymoon. That’s how it normally works anyway. You don’t want to spend that time between the end of your wedding day and the start of the honeymoon packing. So, make sure that you get all that packing started before you reach your wedding day. That way, all that boring packing will be out of the way, and you won’t have to think about it.

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