Small Finishing Touches That You May Have Forgotten for Your Wedding

If the big day’s coming up soon then you’re probably equally as anxious as you are excited. It’s a lot to take in
and the planning phase of your wedding probably took a lot longer than you expected–but it’ll all be worth it in
the end when your perfect dream wedding unfolds in front of your eyes.

So to help you add some finishing touches and last-minute improvements, we’ve put together a brief list of things
that you may have forgotten during the planning phase of your wedding.

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Give your guests a welcome bag

If your guests are coming in from far away then a welcome bag will always be appreciated to make the experience
more enjoyable for your guests. This can include basics like a bottle of water, some wipes to freshen up, a small
welcome card, a schedule for the day, a map of the venue and some light snacks.

Tell your photographer who the big guests are

Your wedding photographer has to know who the major guests are. Every guest is important, but there are some
such as family members and long-time friends that should get a little more attention when they arrive at your wedding.

Put together a small bag of essentials

A bag of essentials is a great thing to have when the day is busy and full of activities. It could be a foot mask to help
cool your feet during a hot day, a bottle or two of water to stay hydrated or even a light lunch to ensure that you have
the energy to last until the wedding meal.

Plan follow-up contact with your guests

Your guests should receive some kind of message from you after the wedding. Whether it’s a thank you message,
a small memory that you recall during the wedding ceremony or a promise to stay in touch with distant friends and
family members, a small follow-up gesture is much appreciated.

Let your DJ know what songs to avoid

Whether it’s songs you personally dislike or ones that aren’t appropriate for the kids attending the wedding, make sure
you let your DJ know what songs are off-limits as well as the songs which you absolutely want to hear.

Plan out your wedding flowers

Make sure you have a flower of choice when it comes to decorating the venue. You should also get in touch with services
like BridalBouquets to put together a luxurious bouquet of flowers that will add a unique touch to your wedding attire.

Have a backup for bad weather

If you’re having an outdoor wedding then it’s absolutely crucial that you have a backup plan if there’s a chance that it
might rain. This can take a lot more planning but is well worth the effort even if the chance of rain is really slim.

Check for dietary restrictions and allergies

Lastly, make sure you ask your guest about dietary restrictions and allergies before you plan what meals to serve.

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