Bridal Registries

Registering is a fun way to start planning your future with your soon-to-be spouse. If you have never registered before, this can seem like an intimidating task when in fact its quite fun. 
How to register
Once you have sat down with your future spouse and decided what you want the look and feel of your home to be you can begin to select registry items that fit in with your vision of your future home. You can hit the stores together or create your registry online. The great part about going online is that you can constantly check in and update your registry with more items.
What to register for?
Anything and everything. Thanks to the internet, there are no limits when it comes to registering anymore. If you are unsure of what to register for, websites such as “Real Simple” and “The Knot” have registry checklists to help you out. 
Another trend in wedding registries are “honeymoon” registries where guests can purchase honeymoon activities for the happy couple to partake in on their honeymoon. These activities can be anywhere from a couple’s massage at a spa to scuba diving in the ocean. A popular honeymoon registry website is 
Out-of-State Brides
For out-of-state brides deciding to have their wedding in their hometown or for couples that are moving out of state after they say their “I Do’s”, there are a few things they should consider when registering. 
When registering, the store will ask about a shipping address for a guest-ship option. If need be, you can add a note at the bottom of the invitations that reminds guests to send gifts to the bride’s house. Most stores offer free shipping at certain times of the year so it would not cost guests more money to ship, but it really just depends. If at the end of the day a guest or two brings a physical gift to the wedding you can usually return the gifts to the store before you leave and ask them to issue a gift card so you can repurchase the gifts locally or have the store ship them for you. Many stores will bend of over backwards for brides as they make a lot of money from registries.
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