Winter Wedding Ideas

Looking for cute last minute touches to add to your perfect winter wonderland wedding? Here are five surefire ways to bring some of that warm Christmas spirit into your wedding day.

Have the bride and groom travel by carriage to the reception, complete with a fur throw to keep them warm of course! Just remember that a horse drawn carriage goes much slower than a car, and it will likely be cold out, so plan your ride accordingly.

Decorate the reception with miniature and life-size lit Christmas trees. They will defiantly give off that winter forest feel.

Add an Ice sculpture to your reception decor, this addition is beautiful and will go perfectly with any colors. Some sculptors even light their sculptures with your choice of color to match your theme.

Use a crystal and beaded bouquet for a dramatic frozen flower look. As a bonus, you’ll get to keep your your bouquet forever, without preservation.

Greet your guests with warm coffee or hot chocolate as soon as they come in the ceremony or reception site. Don’t forget the Marshmallows!