Motivational Techniques Every Leader Should Know

We love working with college students each season as they work as interns and help with our weddings. It is a great partnership as we love teaching them the ropes of event planning and we learn so much from them too. They have brought fresh new ideas, helped with social media, technology challenges and much more. It’s important though since they are new to the industry to make them feel part of the team. At times there might be things behind the scenes that maybe they could have done a little better so we talk to them and explain so for next time they can understand the process and improve. Many times at events they brainstorm ideas or come up with solutions on how to fix or handle something and it’s important to give them credit where credit is due. 
Anyone who has ever handled a team is aware that everything
can go wrong in a moment, especially with different personalities sitting in
one room. Also, some employees might feel that their efforts are unrecognized
or that the management does not offer them enough benefits for all the work
that they do.
It is in such situations that diagnostic tools like People
Analytics platform
can come into play. Such a tool offers great
insights into team dynamics, spotlights individual strengths, and finds ways in
which companies can effectively enhance employee productivity.
But aside from relying on such a tool, industry leaders and
decision-makers should do other things to keep their employees functioning on
high morale. If you’re one of those people calling the shots in your company,
consider these motivational techniques:
Consider allowing remote workdays

Remote work could de-stress employees,
especially in cities where traffic jams are a regular part of daily drives and
commutes. It could also favor employers since they can save on office resources
while allowing their employees to have flexible work schedules in the comfort
of their homes. You can experiment for at least a month to see if your
employees will become more productive and motivated. If not, you can go back to
your usual office set-up.
Encourage healthy collaborations

It’s revealed that some 39% of workers strongly feel that
company bosses do not put much weight on their ideas. As a result, they become
disillusioned and lose the drive to make conscious efforts to contribute their
views during meetings. That should never be the case.
If you’re a leader, encourage your subordinates to speak
their minds during scheduled huddles. Make your people feel that their ideas
are valued enough to be heard. You don’t have to agree with everything they
say. But at the very least, let your colleagues feel that their concerns and
input are noted every time. More importantly, be ready to put into effect the
ideas that are feasible and beneficial to the company since it’s the best
compliment that you can give to your employees.
Praise in public but reprimand in private

This idea is an age-old management technique that holds
until today.
Employees, or anyone for that matter, will feel humiliated
when reprimanded by their bosses for everyone to hear. It’s not a great way to
establish rapport or push anyone to perform. Instead, be ready to talk to the
employee in the privacy of your office or conference room so that they won’t
feel embarrassed or humiliated.
Conversely, workers feel empowered when they’re publicly
acknowledged by their superiors for a job done well. Don’t be a cheapskate with
praise, especially if the employee deserves recognition.
Let your people grow professionally

Do your employees wish to pursue graduate studies? Let them.
Do they want to attend professional development training in
another state? Allow them.
These things matter to employees who desire to widen their
horizons and make them more fit to tackle challenging roles in their companies.
By showing that you support their passion for professional growth, you’re
giving them enough motivation to contribute more to your company’s rise to
With these simple motivational techniques, you should expect
employees to be better motivated to help propel your company to the top. It’s a
win-win solution that everyone should benefit from.

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