Let’s Hear it From the Best!

Signing a guest book at a wedding is always a must! But why
not ask for advice from the people who know you the best? Documenting every
part of your wedding is very important, but you want to make sure you take
something away from your day besides smiles and great memories. 
The people you invite to your wedding have great advice for
you and your significant other. Your guests might give you solutions for
potential problems you might face in the future or words of encouragement you
can pass down to your children. Also, words of love and hope you can pass on to
future married couples and friends. Advice you haven’t even thought of before.
You might be thinking what are some creative ways I can
incorporate guest signing with advice giving.
Here are some ideas we have that are simple yet creative!

1. One way you can receive advice on your wedding day is by
setting up a mailbox on a table and writing “Marriage Advice” on the side. Have
slips of paper available for your guests to write a letter of their words of
wisdom, to you and your significant other. Something cute yet simple.
2. Another creative idea would be if you love making
scrapbooks. Make one for your wedding day and incorporate photographs
of you and your significant other.  Have sections within the
scrapbook where your guests can write down their advice, and memories of you
two together. This is a great and simple way to show your journey as a couple
and to obtain knowledge from other couples in the process!

3. If you’re a fan of wine, this idea might fit you
perfectly! Collect corks and have each guest write a one-word message that you
and your significant other can keep in mind as you start your new life
together. Make something cute with the corks, and hang it on
your wall at home! 
4. If you’re having a western theme wedding, think about
cutting up an old pair of jeans. Set the pieces of cloth at the tables with a
special material pen and ask the guests to write short words of wisdom on the
piece of cloth. Afterwards, you can make a blanket out of the pieces of jean
material allowing those memories to live on forever.

5. Another great way to ask for advice is by having a puzzle made
with a photograph of you and your significant other. Your guests can each sign
a puzzle piece.  Together you and your significant other can assemble the
puzzle and enjoy reading what each guest said to you in the process.
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Picture of the Mailbox
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