Guest Blogger: 97 Films / The Importance of Captured Moments Part II

A couple years ago my grandparents asked me to transfer a bag full of their old film
reels. Among those reels was their wedding from 1961. I am so grateful for their family
friend with the 8mm camera that offered to film their wedding. I get to see my grandma
and grandpa on their wedding day surrounded by family and friends that i know, and
others that i don’t. I get to see my great grandma standing next to her husband (I’ve
only seen him in pictures), my great aunts all dressed in their red bridesmaids dresses,
my grandpa sneak a kiss during the cake cut. All of these memories I can relive
because of their film. I have seen their wedding pictures, but the movement,
mannerisms, how their face turns when they smile…can only be seen through video.
Why is video so important? Because it captures the moments before and after a picture
is taken.
Make sure your videographer knows what is important to you (jewelry, cake topper,
family members, etc.). They’ll capture the interactions of your mom and grandma
helping you get dressed and put on jewelry, your dad walking you down the aisle, your
future husband/wife say they will love you for the rest of their lives, your first dance as
Mr. and Mrs.. Your videographer will capture your best man, maid of honor, and parents
saying how they knew you were destined to marry your husband/wife.
You’re doing future generations a favor by having a wedding video. It doesn’t have to
have the most popular song on the radio (because let’s face it, 50 years from now…it’s
not gonna be in the top 100). It doesn’t have to be 3 hours long (my grandparents film is
4 minutes long and I’m thankful for every second!). As long as your wedding video tells
your story, your grandchildren will thank you.
Check out their video here
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