How to Stock Your Bar

If you’re required to bring your own alcohol to stock the bar for your
wedding, you’re probably struggling with what to buy, and how much of it. I
found this article in “The Wedding Book” by Mindy Weiss that breaks down what
you will need!
The following quantities apply to a four-hour reception of 100 people. If
you know you have a crowd of heavy drinkers, increase the liquor quantities by
25%. You’ll need a full selection at each bar, so add accordingly.
Vodka: 6 liters
Gin: 1 liter
Scotch: 1 750ml bottle
Bourbon: 1 liter
Tequila: 1 750ml bottle
Light rum: 1 liter
White wine: 12 bottles
Red wine: 12 bottles
Champagne (optional): 12 750ml bottles
Beer: 1 case (24 bottles)
Light beer: 1 case (24 bottles)
Sparkling water: 15 25oz bottles
Bottled water: 15 1.5 liter bottles
Tonic water: 6 liters
Club soda: 6 liters
Ginger ale: 6 liters
Cola: 8 liters
Diet cola: 8 liters
Lemon-line soda: 8 liters
Cranberry juice: 8 quarts
Orance juice: 4 quarts
Grapefruit juice: 2 quarts
Margarita mix: 2 liters
Dry vermouth: 1 375ml bottle
Tripple sec: 1 liter
Blue Curacao: 1 750ml bottle
Lime juice: 1 25oz bottle
Grenadine: 1 25oz bottle
Bitters: 1 jar
Olives: 1 jar
Maraschino cherries (optional): 1 jar
Lemons: 4
Limes: 8
Ice cubes: 250 lbs
Dont forget all your supplies either! You will need:
corkscrews and bottle openers, garnish bowls, ice buckets, ice tongs, ice
tubs, knife and cutting board, citrus squeezers, lemon zester, long-handled
spoons for mixing, shot glasses, measuring cups, cocktail shakers, strainers,
cocktail napkins, sponges, garbage can, extra trash bags, all purpose
wineglasses, 8oz highball glasses, champagne flutes, martini glasses.
Make sure you check with your hall to see what they already have. Many
halls will provide supplies and soda, and you simply need to provide the