7 Ways to Recognize Your Bridesmaids

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When planning a wedding, there are so many
details that need to be addressed. While this is supposed to be a happy and
exciting time for the you and your lucky guy, things can get a little stressful
and/or fall through the cracks.
In some cases, bridesmaids and their part in the whole process
get lost in the shuffle. For beginners, they are being asked to make
sacrifices. For your part, it’s quite a task to organize a group of women to
show up at the same time, every time, to do things like picking junior
bridesmaid dresses or going over event responsibilities. Some of you people
might like the red bridesmaid dresses while others prefer the blue. The
decision is your, but don’t get wrapped up in the details and forget they are
part of the process as well.
With that said, here are 7 suggested ways you can do something extra for your bridesmaids so
they know their efforts are appreciated and not forgotten.
1.      Build Camaraderie – If you are like so
many others, your bridesmaids will come from different parts of your life and
might not know each other. To overcome any possible awkwardness, you should
devote a little time to introducing them and letting them get to know each
2.      Pop the Bridesmaid Question in a Unique Way
– Each of your bridesmaids holds a unique place in your life. You should
find a way to pop the question about being a bridesmaid in a way that honors
your special relationship.
3.      Allow Them To Choose Some Part of The
Bridesmaid’s Ensemble –
Of course, you will want to dictate if your
bridesmaids are wearing junior bridesmaid dresses, red bridesmaid dresses or
anything else that suits your vision. It would be a nice touch to let them make
a collective decision about something like shoe-style.
4.      The Gift – Giving your bridesmaids a
gift to commemorate the wedding event is a time-honored tradition. It would be
nice for you to personalize each gift instead of giving everyone the same item.
5.      Be Upfront About Time and Money Issues – Prior
to asking for a commitment, you want to make sure that each bridesmaid is aware
of your expectations as far as how much time and money they will be required to
6.      The Nice Touches – The nice touches
refer to ways you can make the event more enjoyable for your bridesmaids.
Perhaps offering to pay for transportation or a babysitter will help relieve
the financial burden of being in the wedding.
7.      The “Thank You” Letter – Around the
time you are sending thank you notes for gifts, don’t forget to send a special
thank you to your bridesmaids for their sacrifices and sharing your special day
with you.
Always keep in mind, you chose
your bridesmaids because they hold a special place in your life. While they are
working to make your wedding event all about you, you should be doing
everything in your power to let them know that you couldn’t and wouldn’t want
to imagine going through this without them being part of the process.

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