Balloons, a Unique Detail

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Balloons are traditionally associated with birthday
celebrations and more casual events. However, balloons are finding their way
into the formal décor of weddings. Check out our ideas for incorporating balloons
into your big day.
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#1 Replace the rice tossing with balloons. This can make an incredibly cute photo to remember the end of your wedding ceremony. Consider having the balloons let go in an area where you can set a net above to catch all the balloons. This will prevent the balloons from getting trapped in trees and nests which can lead to harming wild life.
#2 Balloons for centerpieces. This is great way to potentially save money by reducing your florist bill but still having something eye catching. These balloons can be filled with glitter or covered with a light weight fabric to add a little something.
#3 Draw attention to areas of special interest. This could be done with things such as the gift table, photo booth, or guest book. 
#4 Use them in your wedding photos. This can be done with engagement photos or the day of photos. They can have cute or quirky messages written on them that add a fun atmosphere to the shoot.
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