Avoid These Beauty Disasters on Your Wedding Day

Everyone wants to look perfect on their wedding day, but there are all kinds of things that can go wrong
There’s no need to panic, though! If you keep calm and avoid some rookie mistakes, you won’t risk
dealing with a beauty disaster once the big day arrives. Here are just a few things to pay attention to.

Makeup Ruined By Crying

Not everyone cries on their wedding day, but it does tend to be a highly emotional affair. If you think
you’re at risk of the waterworks flowing, make sure you have good waterproof makeup. It’s also useful
to carry tissues (or get someone else to carry them), and catch the tears at the corner of your eyes
before they have a chance to go anywhere.

Hair and Makeup Professionals Let You Down

This is a tough situation to navigate. No one expects their hair and makeup professionals to cancel or
go AWOL. However, there are some things you can to do to help avoid it. Choose trusted professionals
who you know have a proven and demonstrable track record. Carefully read any contracts and, if you can,
have a backup plan – just in case.

Redness from Recent Treatments

Your wedding day has arrived – but your face is blotchy from a recent facial or red from grooming your
eyebrows. Or your fake tan has gone wrong! Don’t risk any of these problems on your special day.
A proper schedule for your beauty regime will help you get everything done in time.

Infographic Design By Sona MedSpa

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