Wine and Dine

After a long ceremony, pictures, getting ready and everything else in between, a bride can be really exhausted but even more so, hungry. After countless wedding day events, it is best to be rewarded with a delicious and satisfying meal.  It’s hard to decipher though what exactly and how exactly should be served at your wedding.  Here are some tips in select the perfect wedding day meal for you and your guests:

  • First off, you need to decide if you’d like a plated, family style, or buffet set up.  They rank from most expensive to least.  The more guests, the more expensive as well.
  • Choose an appetizer or multiple ones if your budget allows.  This can be anything from a small, house salad to calamari and crab cakes.
  • Next, select at least one meat option and one vegetarian. Typically chicken or beef is chosen for the meat and a fish for the vegetarian choice.
  • Then choose side dishes.  Two is always a good choice no matter what style your food is being served.  Vegetables is always a good option too that way any vegan eaters will have several dinner options as well.
For more information selecting your wedding menu and planning your perfect day, contact You’re The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.
Happy Planning!
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