What Are The Best Wedding Cake Alternatives?


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Image by Christina Victoria Craft via Unsplash.com

What comes to mind when you start planning your wedding? The dress. Of course! The venue. Naturally. Decorations and color schemes. Yes, and yes! And at the heart of those decorations…the wedding cake.

The moment where you cut the cake with your friends and family around you both is such a highlight of your wedding day, so naturally you want it to be special.

But not everyone wants the classic fruit cake with fondant icing, as beautifully decorated as it might be. Some of us want our wedding cake to reflect the theme of the day and say something about our relationship. And you may simply not like fruit cake! After all, it’s your day and your cake, so it’s important to think of not only the cake’s decoration, but also its taste!

So, what are the best wedding cake alternatives? Here are our top three suggestions.

Cheese Wedding Cake

naked wedding cake

Image by Jez Timms via Unsplash.com

If you are going to choose an alternative to the traditional cake, why not be really different and have a “cake” made from cheese? You can either stack cheeses in order of size, to look just like a traditional cake, or present a selection in a large display, tastefully arranged. Cakes like this have a couple of other advantages. They can be chosen to complement your main menu and are perfect for anyone who has a gluten allergy. Zingerman’s have a fantastic range of cheeses made locally, so why not celebrate Michigan culture? And speaking of Michigan culture…

Bumpy Cake

Bumpy Cake is a beloved Michigan classic. Created by Sanders in 1913 in their Detroit bakery, Bumpy Cake was originally known as “The Sanders Devil’s Food Buttercream Cake”. The moist, chocolate cake with its rich, buttercream bumps and melt-in-the-mouth ganache on top is special to the State. It’s at the heart of so many happy Michigan memories and makes a perfect alternative wedding cake, particularly if you have a local theme. Use the main cake as your centerpiece and surround with single-serve portions, or commission a large one with enough portions for all. You can add one more happy Bumpy Cake memory with this wedding cake alternative!

cake pops and cupcakes

Image by Natalie Chaney via Unsplash.com

Cake Pops and Cupcakes

Rather than presenting one large statement piece as your alternative wedding cake, why not consider a cute arrangement of cupcakes or pop cakes? This is a fun way to provide bite-sized cake morsels that reflect your color theme and decorations with the added benefit of being less formal and easy to grab on your way to the dance floor!

This is another alternative that works well if you would like to offer gluten-free options for yourself or your guests. Include multiple different recipes and there will be something delicious for everyone to enjoy.

How to choose?

These are the best alternative wedding cakes we’ve found, but the most important thing is thinking about what works for you and your guests. Will you go for formal yet quirky or informal and fun? It’s these personal touches that will make your day special.

You may need a cake stand for the cake of your dreams so be sure to reserve one today. 

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