Center of Attention

While you are most definitely the center of attention on your center, another essential focal point is your centerpieces.  These make the biggest statements when guests enter the reception area.  It is one of the first things they say, and honestly, critique.  There are several things to consider when selecting your perfect centerpieces.  Here are some tips when choosing these decorations:

  • Flowers or not:  along with the rest or any other flowers, would like a floral aspect incorporated in them as well.
  • More than one:  if you have many guests, choosing more than one center piece will give the whole space a really unique look.  Typically two or three different arrangements will do the trick.
  • Height:  the height of your pieces are really important.  They key is to pick something low and more spread out amongst the table or tall and more narrow.  You don’t want to block any of your guests view from one another at the tables
  • Illumination:  depending on the space, fire/candles may or may not be allowed so check in to your venues rules.  If they do, take advantage of it!  Candle light always softens a room and adds a beautiful ambiance.

For more information on choosing your centerpieces or planning your perfect day, contact You’re The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.
Happy Planning!