Reception Kisses

The other day one of my friends and I were discussing weddings and the different, creative and new aspects that are changing in the wedding world. One of the main traditions that happen at every wedding is when the quests clink their champagne glasses letting the bride and the groom know it is time for a big smooch!

But what if this changed as well. Like I stated before weddings have changed so much over the years. From the first look, having a man of honor in stead of a maid of honor, planting a tree verses having a unity candle and now glass clinking.

You may be asking yourself how could you change this part of a wedding. One great idea popped into my head! What if instead of having the bride and the groom kiss what if they pulled names of couples out of a hat and who ever’s name they pulled they had to kiss instead.

Try this on your wedding day! This is a fun way to get your guests involved and to spread the love on your wedding day!

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