Church Decorations

So you have chosen a place to hold your wedding ceremony, but now the question is how to decorate it. It will already have seating, colors, and its own overall “theme” and there is a chance your wedding colors could clash. Here are a few tips to follow when trying to decide on church decorations:

*Ask- Many churches, temples, or synagogues have very strict rules about what wedding decor is allowed. Once you have booked your venue talk with the wedding coordinator and find out what you can do and decide from there what you will use.

*Stay Calm- If the colors in the church are very dominant try not to overpower the style of your venue. Try to stay elegant and understated by incorporating wedding flowers in unique ways like your first initials on the doors of the church.

*Skip the Decorations- If your venue is already ornate it can sometimes not be necessary to use and decorations. This is also a great way to cut your wedding budget.

*Decorate Other Areas- If their are other areas where your guests will gather make sure to decorate these areas as well to maintain the ambiance. Bathrooms are a good place for flowers or basket filled with things such as tissues, body spray, aspirin, etc.

For more help decorating your wedding contact or call 248-408-4602. We also can make custom restroom baskets for your wedding day!


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