Creative Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas


Creative bridesmaid proposals have become a fun way for a bride to invite her best friends to stand by her side on her wedding day. Etsy has many unique items that brides can custom order for their bridesmaids’ proposals.

Proposal Boxes

Proposal boxes have been a classic bridesmaid-asking gift idea for several years now. This option allows brides to order boxes that are already made and include gifts for each person; some places will even allow you to customize certain items in the boxes. Brides also have the ability to fully create the boxes by ordering or making each item individually, creating a more personalized box. Common things that are found in bridesmaid proposal boxes are tumblers or wine glasses, scrunchies, bath bombs, and lip balm, along with some type of note or card asking the person to be your bridesmaid. All of these items encourage self-care or pampering of the bridesmaid and tend to be great gifts for women.


Another option for proposing to your bridesmaids is to order or make some type of clothing that will allow your entire bridal party to match. Common clothing items include pajama sets with every person’s name, robes, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and hats. There are many companies online that will allow you to customize the clothing sizes, colors, and styles, as well as the font, size, color, and location of the writing.

Consumable Items

Other creative bridesmaid proposal ideas include sweets like chocolates, macaroons, and other candies. Etsy has many listings for candy wrappers that you can order and have customized to put onto candy bars. Some companies even allow you to order custom combinations of candies, like M&Ms, where you can choose the colors and writing on each piece of candy. Another popular consumable is wine, for which you can order custom labels that can be applied to each bottle to make it more personal.

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