Grosse Isle Country Club ~ Amy + Chad 7/6/13

Amy and Chad’s wedding was a non-stop party! The whole time everyone wouldn’t stop smiling and laughing. You could see the love for Amy and Chad fill the whole room. The wedding was filled with two of Amy’s favorite colors purple and black.

When the You’re The Bride team first met Amy we knew she was going to be a blast! As soon as she told us she was having a cheeto buffet our team was excited! In addition to the cheeto buffet Amy and Chad decided on cupcakes for their wedding. The flavors ranged from lemon to oreo! The table was filled with delicious cupcakes and there would never be a shortage.

Before the ceremony Chad and Amy shared a special moment. The pastor came into the room and said a prayer while Chad and Amy held hands without seeing each other. Tears were streaming down Amy’s face and we all embraced in this special moment. Chad is a huge fan of golf. Not only was he excited to be getting married on a golf course but Amy had a little surprise for him. She told the team her and her bothers were riding up on a golf cart before she walked down the aisle. When she arrived in a golf cart Chad’s face lit up! 
After the ceremony the party began!  The photo booth opened and everyone loved it! During the reception dances Chad’s daughter sang Amy and Chad’s first dance song which was a very special moment for everyone. 
Western Green Field in Allen Park
313 271-1600 
Isle Country Club   (734) 676-1169
Florist- Top
That Event
onald Ponkey Photography Ron and Debbie 313-531-3551
Baker-           Cupcake
Station- Plymouth (734) 582 0500

Planner- You’reThe Bride, Tracie, Rachel and Karoline (248-408-4602)
Officiant- Pastor
DJ- Friend
of Bride Patrick 
Photo booth-Shutter
Booth 734-624-8392        
   Ceremony and Reception Venue- Grosse Isle Country Club (734) 676-1169