Wedding Speeches: Here’s How To Nail Yours


Wedding Speeches: Here’s How To Nail Yours

Don’t make the mistake of believing that you have to resort to cheesy jokes and inane asides if you want your wedding speech to be entertaining. Rather, joke about the things that make you and your partner or the audience special (your hometown, for instance). Referring to something only a few people will understand can alienate your additional attendees.

Concentrate on your differences.

Comparing how you are different can be a simple way to make people laugh. Is your new significant other a bit of a slob, while you’re an OCD neatnik? Can you cook like an expert when they can’t even microwave casserole? Make a joke out of your differences, no matter what they are, to make your guests laugh.

Tell them something they don’t already know.

What amusing anecdotes do you know about your new spouse that the guests at the wedding reception might not know? Bring up the funny, nerdy things she or he did as a kid as a hobby. Maybe they have an amusing secret crush or can do a truly bizarre stunt.

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Play up your imperfections.

One method to make your guests laugh is to make fun of yourself by pointing out something about you that they already know. Examples: “Can you believe it?” The bride/groom has decided that a bald, beer-guzzling account manager from Sunderland is a better alternative than Ryan Gosling.”


Make your spouse look and feel amazing with a comment like: “While I know I look amazing in my tux and men’s suede dress shoes, I look like a thumb in comparison to my drop dead gorgeous wife/husband”

Here is a sample of a humorous and self-deprecating groom’s speech:

Use the wedding as the punchline to your joke.

“Before I begin, could we please keep the reception hall’s aisles and exits clear at all times? When my in-laws are given the final cost, I’d prefer them to have a clean path so that the medical team waiting outside can do their job.


Mastercard and Visa made this feasible. My wife and I shall be indebted to them for the rest of our lives.

Mother-in-law humor

If you happen to get along with her, these will always be highly received. Make a personal reference, such as your mother-in-shopping law’s addiction or the length of time it takes her to get ready. Or, say, “I’ve heard that this is one of the few times in a man’s life when he can be with his wife/husband and mother-in-law without being bothered, so hold on, I’m going to make the most of it.”


“I could not have asked for better in-laws than [names of the in-laws]. My own experience has been so different from the stereotypical “difficult mother-in-law,” that I cringe whenever I hear jokes about them. [Face in-laws and speak softly] Do I read that correctly? Don’t hurt me, please…”

Spill the beans!

Include the humorous details of your first date, engagement, or the moment you requested the in-laws for permission to marry their daughter or son. Remember that too many specifics can ruin the joke.

Finally, enjoy it! You’re only getting married once, so take this chance to show your guests your true personality.


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