The Pros and Cons of Delaying Your Honeymoon

Many couples today are delaying the honeymoon because planning a wedding is so expensive or the destination of their honeymoon is only decent one or two times out of the year. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of delaying?

·         Have more time to save up additional money, weddings are expensive but so is the honeymoon!
·         Plan the trip you absolutely want and at a convent time
·         Being able to drink the night of the wedding without worrying about traveling that night or the next day
·         Having a break between the wedding day and the travel date, you want to enjoy the honeymoon as well as the wedding!
·         The longer you wait the longer it may get put off
·         Other expenses come along and the honeymoon money is used
·         Finding the time off of work in addition to time off for the wedding
·         Delyaing the honeymoon can cut off from the excitement from the wedding. Couples have a romance high after the wedding which is great when it continues to the honeymoon destination.
·         Discounts for newlyweds are great! Most of the time you can get a great price right after the wedding!