Colony Club Detroit

Colony Club Detroit, first opened in November 1929, it was one of the four women’s clubs in what is now Detroit’s Entertainment District. The third floor of seven, Louis XVI ballroom beautifully painted in Versailles cream and gilt, exemplifies the Colony Club as it is one of the finest rooms in the City and was brought back to its original magnificence. 

This venue is not only exclusive to one party but simultaneously hosts a variety of events; with access to the 1st-4th Floor ballrooms. The First-floor hallways, elevators, stairwells, and restrooms are the common spaces where every party has access. When reserving the third-floor ballroom, you can only guarantee the use of the fourth-floor ballroom if it is in your contract. If not, there may be another hosted Wedding or Event on your celebration date. 

During this time, at $4000, the fourth-floor ballroom can serve as a cocktail hour or ceremony depending on the availability. However, it is a nonrefundable agreement. 

The Colony Club rents out the third-floor grand ballroom for wedding venues that can house 400 guests or the fourth-floor petite ballroom that can house 150 guests for the wedding ceremony or a smaller reception. Located on Park Avenue, the Colony Club is decorated with gold leaf ceilings, crystal chandeliers, Louis XVI decor, and more making it a prime spot for special events and weddings. 

In the wedding package, a plated entree service, premium bar, and convenient parking encapsulated by the renovated Louis XVI architecture, are included. 

After booking, the Colony Club extends nine automotive emails regarding your wedding date to ensure a smooth celebration stress fee. Through the link provided on the website,, potential renters can see the process and how the Gem & Colony Club Venue Manager handles part of the wedding. It is highly encouraging to read through and understand the terms and conditions upon booking a spot at the Colony Club as there are some restrictions. 

This stunning, breathtaking historic venue is perfect for your wedding date with enthusiastic venue managers and staff to help bring your vision to life. 

We at You’re The Bride would love to assist in planning and coordinating your day! 

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