Table Numbers

Table numbers at your wedding may seem like a small detail but really they are a big deal! You spend a lot of time trying to organize where everyone is sitting at the wedding and you expect them to sit there. There are a lot of fun table number ideas you can do! If you are going with an outdoor style wedding you can get wooden numbers and paint them to match the color theme of the wedding. 

Another idea would be to use street names instead of numbers. If you put up street names instead of numbers yours guests will have to go look for their table and socialize before the grand entrance. Most weddings have a cocktail hour where guests can get drinks before the wedding party comes in. Using street names makes people have to look for their seats and walk around and really look at all the hard work you have put into putting the wedding together! 

Another different idea would be to decorate the toasting champagne set out on the table. You can paint the bottle and put a number on it. Every table would need their own champagne bottle if you were to do this idea. Most weddings have champagne poured out for the toasts of the maid of honor, best man, and parents. You could use that to your advantage and use the bottle as a cute and different table number idea! 

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