Pets in Weddings

More and more couples are deciding to include their furry friends in their weddings. And why not? Our pets play a big role in our lives so its only fitting that they play a role in this special day. Before you decide to include your fur baby in the wedding there are a few things you want to talk over.

First, make sure your cat or dog is up to the task. I know that my dog gets excited anytime she sees someone she knows that isn’t me or my husband. It’s like Christmas came early and she can’t help but run to them and give them a million kisses. For this reason, there is no way that she would be able to focus on walking down the aisle with all my friends and family just waiting for their laps to be leaped on. Others may find that their pet is just simply uninterested in cooperating and might think that a particular patch of grass half way down the aisle is just the perfect spot to take a rest. This can be avoided if your pet is small enough to be carried down the aisle by either the bride or a member of the bridal party. You can always just have your pet stationed beside your future husband to be.

If you are in the early stages of planning and haven’t chosen a ceremony venue just yet, you might want to remember to ask each location if they allow pets and if there are any restrictions if they do. Once that is cleared with the ceremony site, consider your guests. While they don’t have to be the deciding factor in whether or not you choose to do this, its important to note that many people are allergic to certain animals. It might be smart to spread the word that you will be including your pet in the wedding so guests can prepare ahead of time by taking allergy medication.

The last thing you might want to consider is designating someone to be in charge of your pet on this special day. Their duties could include dressing your pet in a bow, tie, or small outfit (while keeping your pets comfort and safety in mind), bringing them to the ceremony, and entertaining them until it begins. After the ceremony you can have this person take your pet home, hire a sitter to come pick him/her up, or ask your day-of-coordinator if they would help you out. You’re The Bride provided day of coordination for bride Lauren’s June nuptials where the couple included their dog Bella in the ceremony. After the ceremony I drove the very-well behaved and loving Bella to doggy daycare.

However you choose to incorporate your pet in your nuptials, whether its in the engagement photos or the ceremony itself, here are a few pictures for inspiration:

Pet Proposals
Engagement Photos
Save The Dates
Getting Ready Photos
Wedding Photos
Part of the Ceremony
Decoration Inspiration
Pets aren’t limited to cats and dogs either, check out these pets who were also included in weddings:
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