A Day to Remember: Make Your Wedding Stand Out Among the Rest!

We like to think our weddings will be the greatest events known to humankind. That the day will be remembered in fond, vivid detail by every attendee. But let’s face it: sometimes, certain weddings just tend to dissolve into the memories of other weddings! Over time, all these weddings can sort of blur into one memory. And that’s why you should make sure your wedding is unique. You should make sure it stands out among the several wedding memories that your guests will have in the future.
Of course, that’s not to say you should complicate things when it isn’t necessary to. If you just want to get your relationship legally recognized as soon as possible, then by all means, do it as quick and as simply as possible. But a lot of people know that their guests need something more. After all, they’re coming all this way to see you on this momentous occasion. Why not make a big deal out of it?
So here are a few suggestions that will help make your wedding stand out.
Don’t get married in a church
Seriously, very few people actually enjoy being in a church. Yes, I’m aware that you don’t actually spend that long in the church. Most couples worry about where the reception is going to be! But why not pick a great venue that can work as both? You should probably consider an outdoor wedding, come to think of it. If you pick an amazing outdoor wedding venue, it’s bound to be remembered for a long time by the guests.
Avoid clichéd invites
Sometimes, people start to dread a wedding when they see the invite. The invite can actually tell you quite a lot about what the wedding is going to be like. A lot of the time, you’ll get very simple but elegant white and gold invites. Yes, they’re simple and elegant. But they’re also kinda, I dunno… boring? You should probably look into sending out some unique wedding invitations. Don’t bother with the clichéd types everyone else sends out.
Invite the pets
Yeah, so this is where we really dive off at the deep end. Hey, there are definitely weirder things you could bring to your wedding! And let’s face it: everyone loves pets, right? If you can get your dogs and cats to behave, you could even try putting some formal wear on them fitting for the glorious occasion. Cats, admittedly, aren’t the easiest of wedding guests. Dogs tend to fit in much easier. And there have been plenty of couples who have done this! If nothing else, it makes for amazing photo opportunities.
Play some pranks on your guests

No, I’m not talking about anything really out-there or cruel. I’m not suggesting that you turn your wedding into an episode of MTV’s Jackass. But this is a prime opportunity to plays some pranks on your friends! A wedding is really when they’ll least expect to be played in such a way. Plus, it’s a great way to make the wedding feel unique and light-hearted. Check out some amazing prank ideas for weddings!

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