Made of Honor

            So you have been given the best honor the bride can give someone, you are the Maid/Matron of Honor. Of course you accept, but what are your duties? What do you need to do? Are you helping to plan the actual wedding? All of these questions are great ones that you need to get answers to. Many maid/matrons of honor have no clue where to start or what to do.
            Some brides are proactive and will explain to you up front what you will need to do during your time as the maid of honor. Some may even have a list of duties for you already made up, but what if they don’t? You need to ask the bride specifically what she would like you to do. Do not be pushy and start planning her wedding like it’s yours, keep in mind that you are there to help her with her special day, not make it all about you. The maid/matron of honor is there to support, help, and respect the bride all through the planning process.
            So to help all of you “new” maid/matrons of honor here are some things that you may need to for your bride, just make sure to ask the bride before doing anything. You don’t want to disappoint!
·         Planning the bachelorette and bridal parties
·         Venue location shopping
·         Invitation/Stationary selection
·         Dress shopping
·         Wedding registration
·         Seating arrangements
·         Contact with other bridesmaids
·         Cake selection and Tasting!
·         Be the messenger
·         Helping bride dress for wedding
·         Holding the bride’s bouquet and, if applicable, gloves at the ceremony
·         Adjusting the bride’s veil and train before the processional and recessional, and during the ceremony
·         Signing as a witness to marriage license
·         Holding the groom’s wedding ring
·         Participating in the receiving line
·         Giving speech at the reception
·         Making sure the bride has packed everything she needs for the honeymoon
·         Helping the bride change into her traveling clothes after the reception, if the bride a groom will be leaving directly for the honeymoon
·         Informing the bride’s parents when the couple is ready to leave the reception

Though this list may seem long you are really there as a support system as most brides just need to be reassured they are doing things correctly and effectively! You are there for the times the bride is about to freak out, and just reassure her that everything will be perfect on her wedding day. Just be as supportive as possible and remember that planning a wedding is fun!
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