Your Wedding Can Wait! Celebrate Your Engagement The Way It Should Be


Congratulations on getting engaged! Your wedding is going to be just perfect, we know it already. But just before you get caught up in the whirlwind that is wedding planning and you find yourself scrolling through Pinterest for 3 weeks straight, don’t forget to celebrate your engagement.

Yeah, your wedding day is going to be one of the most magical days of your life, but don’t ignore the day one of you said ‘yes’, the day you committed to each other, the day that your partner spend ages planning, the day that saw them suffer from a sweaty palms and a dripping forehead.

Seriously, your wedding plans can be put on hold for a minute. You can get your wedding book out next week. For now, though, whoah, you need to do something special to celebrate the day it all began; officially anyway.

Bubbles, Bubbles And More Bubbles
If there is one rule that overrules them all it is that no engagement is complete without some champagne bottles being popped and plenty of fizz being consumed. Champagne is the ultimate celebratory drink, and this is the ultimate of celebrations, the one that is personal and intimate before you share your love with the world. So grab a bottle of your favorite fizz, get your nearest and dearest, try sabering the top and make a toast to now and forever. Of course, champagne isn’t to everyone’s taste. But that’s okay. There is a reason why tequila was invented.


The Just-Engaged Shot
When you realise you are soul-mates and say that cement that fact with a huge, resounding, all-singing and all-dancing yes, you get a glow. We can’t explain it, but you glow. Unrelenting happiness and adulation do that to a person, so capture that on film. It doesn’t even have to be an official shoot. It could just be a picture of the two of you wearing your Tacori engagement rings on your wedding fingers and raising them to the camera while you lock lips. Selfies, professional shoots, disposable camera photo, it doesn’t matter; it just matters that you have a memory of the moment you said yes! That’s what is important.

Relax, Chillax & Get Pampered

News has broken, word has spread, the whole world now knows about your engagement, and that means all eyes are going to be on you, especially if you’re having an engagement party. You are going to be the center of attention and people will be looking at your enviable levels of happiness with utter envy, and they will be studying that rock on your finger with the same jealousy as a jewel thief. That is why it is so imperative you look your best. Selfies with the bride and groom to be are going to become a thing, so get pampered. Run away for a couples spa weekend, or take your best girlfriends to get massaged and pedicured and learn what reflexology is. Whatever it is, enjoy this time in your life, and enjoy it for all it is worth. This is going to be one of the best moments of your life and you don’t want it to escape without enjoying every single bit of it.

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