Time To Celebrate

           Well, you did it! You’re officially married, and it is now
time to celebrate your accomplishment in your dream destination. Planning a
honeymoon can be tricky, because the options are seemingly endless… Caribbean,
Napa Valley, Italy – just to name a few. So, how can you make a decision when everywhere seems so perfect?
            A good
first step is to figure out what you’re wanting out of your vacation. While
lying on a beach may sound like paradise, choosing a spot where there are also
plentiful activities is important too. For example, if you decide on a tropical
resort, make sure you check out the surrounding areas to see if there are local
restaurants, excursion options, etc. Immediately following your hectic wedding,
you’ll most likely want a few days to relax, and “just be”. As your trip goes
on, you’ll want to spend time making your first memories as husband and wife!
Whether you hope relax or explore, in a hot climate or cold climate, making
that first decision will get the ball rolling in the planning of your
honeymoon. Before you get too stressed, congratulations on making your first
plan for being husband and wife!
            Once you
have settled on a ‘type’ of destination, using the timeless ‘process of
elimination’ is a great way to narrow down your options. Start off by compiling
a list of potential spots with your hubby-to-be, and then cross off any that
you aren’t both dying to go to. After all, this is a celebration of unity, and
you want to agree on your first official vacation equally!

            Now this is
the tricky part… After you have narrowed down your potential destinations, the remaining
handful are all going to seem perfect. This is when you should begin to look
into additional factors of each trip. This may include price, travel time,
surrounding areas, and temperature. Getting some ‘inside scoop’ could also be helpful
in sealing the deal. There are hundreds of guest reviews on travel websites
that may give you advice that you wouldn’t have originally known! No matter what
you choose, the most important part is that you spend your fairytale
celebrations in a place that is special to you and your spouse. And when you
return to begin your lives together, try not to enter a ‘post vacation
depression’, because remember, this is just the beginning!
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