Get Your Steampunk On!

 Having trouble deciding on a theme
for 2013? You’re The Bride has a new and exciting theme for that special bride,
Steampunk! Steampunk is a new trend becoming more and more popular in movies,
games, and of course weddings! It is a mix of sci-fi, speculation, and
alternative history that came about during the 1890-1900’s. It usually features
steam powered machines and is usually set during the industrial revolution. It
is usually incorporated with the “wild west” and “British Victorian” eras.
Steampunk is a very unique theme as you can use your imagination because there
is no set way to incorporate it. Steampunk is what people in the 1900’s thought
the future would look like, for example, giant machines roaming and every
building made out of metal, huge smoke stacks as far as the eye could see, and
peoples attire incorporating lots of metal features.
 When deciding on a theme as unique
as Steampunk, be sure to choose a location that will really relate to it.
Places like museums, old Victorian housings/ meeting areas, train stations,
ect. Be sure to incorporate the top hats, corsets, large spokes and wheels, large
smoke stacks, spectacles, metal keys and wind up items, chains, brooches, and
much more! Steampunk does tend to be a darker more exotic theme, so fierce eyes
and darker color pallets are best suited. 

on your engagement!

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