Spicing Things Up

            Food may be one of the most important and memorable aspects
of ones wedding, especially to the guests. Every bride-to-be hopes to please
everyone, while staying within budget, while also leaving a lasting impression.
Those three goals may seem hard to achieve, but spicing up your signature meal
is easier than it seems!
            If aiming
to stay within budget, an earlier ceremony will not only be cost effective, but
also serves as a great excuse to host a brunch-themed reception! This unique
route is a great twist on any wedding, and the food options are both
mouth-watering, and budget friendly. Serving coffee with baileys, Bloody
Mary’s, and Mimosas is a great alternative to the traditional cocktail hour, as
well as Hors D’oeuvres such as bagel bites, quiches, and pastries. If you also plan to serve a sit-down meal, eggs benedict, potatoes, and fresh fruit
are classy, unique, and cost efficient! While this option isn’t necessarily
traditional, it is distinct, and will leave a lasting impression on your
food-related alternative is to opt for a dessert table, rather than a
traditional wedding cake. While this route may not make a huge difference in
the pocketbook, it is memorable, and provides you and your guests with endless
options! Going with a dessert table is an especially great idea for large
weddings. Feeding 200+ guests from one cake can be very challenging, as well as
expensive. In addition, pleasing all of those guests can be even harder… A
well-versed dessert table is a sure way to please (most) guests, while also
standing out amongst other weddings. Event then, if you still have your heart
set on having a traditional cake, you can always have a smaller-sized cake for
you and your husband-to-be!
            While many
brides believe serving a full meal is necessary, it has become less and less
‘expected’ amongst guests, especially if timed correctly. If you’re hoping to
stay within budget, planning your reception during a ‘non-meal’ time (such as 3:00pm), is an often times overlooked idea.  In order to still provide delicious food for your guests, a heavy cocktail and Hors
D’oeuvres reception hour is a creative alternative! Not only will your guests
leave stuffed and content, but you can also allot much more cost into making
the food impeccable. Finger foods such as wontons, brie, caprese salad, and
bruschetta are both delicious and elegant.

            Opting for a less traditional, more unexpected meal option will have many bonuses, including cutting back on costs.
These unique alternatives are memorable, classy, and tasty!
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