Wedding Favor Ideas

You are planning a wedding and one of the tasks at hand is
deciding if you want to invest in giving your guests wedding favors.  A wedding favor is a nice keepsake from the
day or it can be edible as the possibilities are endless. It is nice if it’s
something that your guests can actually use instead of a trinket that they
leave behind or throw in the trash when they get home. You want to look for
favors that are unique enough to be remembered, but to overall blend in with
your tables.
Sometimes you get great wedding favors,
sometimes you get a favor that perfectly matches the new couple but it’s not
something you will ever use and it ends up in the bottom of the junk
drawer.  The purpose of wedding favors іѕ
tο thank уουr guests fοr coming tο уουr wedding. So why not try to make them
Wedding favors are a great way to make your guests feel
welcome and appreciated. However, it’s easy for this to get costly when you
have a high
guest count
at your wedding. However, wedding favors don’t necessarily have
to break your bank. Here are a few ideas for fun and inexpensive wedding
Some items you could consider that usually range in the $1 to
$2 range are: silk fan with personalized label, Lemonade Mix,  Personalized Bottle Opener, Personalized
Koozie, Personalized Water Bottles, 
Personalized Sun Screen, seed packets, candles, soaps, sleep masks,
custom M&M’s, book marks, coasters, shot glasses, mini champagne or wine
Check out these websites for inexpensive wedding favors.
You can never go wrong with a dessert, either. A
wedding-decorated cookie or brownie is always a sweet (literally), way to thank
your guests, This tasty, yet inexpensive gift is one of the best tricks in the
book. Including a card or note as well is a great way to personalize the
gesture, and make sure that your guests feel appreciated! 

Decorated fortune cookies are unexpected but can be dipped in
chocolate to match your color scheme. They are also unbelievably cute and can
really give your guests a sense of your creative side. You can also have a customized
message made for each of the fortunes
. It is something little your guest
can enjoy when they get home after celebrating the night away with you or the
next day with their coffee.
I hope these unique wedding favors give you some inspiration
while planning your dream day!

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