Get to Know the Blumz Business

We here at You’re The Bride like to connect with other local businesses in the event industry. Get to know our friends from Blumz with this exclusive interview with Sadie who is in charge of the marketing for this successful business.
-What makes Blumz so successful?
Blumz- Quality products, a great staff, and a commitment to taking care of each customer like they are the most important person that has ever walked in our door. We want to make sure that you get exactly what you want and leave Blumz smiling.  The best press is still word of mouth and we are very proud of our reputation in the community. When you work with Blumz you can see and appreciate the difference.

-How long has Blumz been in business ?
Blumz- Almost 15 years!  We started out in the heart of Detroit before it was cool and expanded!  We have 2 retail locations, Detroit and Ferndale and one by appointment only wedding and event planning space in Ann Arbor Michigan.

-How many employees does Blumz have ?
Around 30 talented employees. We have designers, event planners, sales associates, and a lot of people who work behind the scenes to make sure that every arrangement looks good, that every wedding goes off with the least amount of drama as possible, and that every event is as beautiful as the client has envisioned it to be.

-What is your favorite flower?
Blumz- You can’t ask a floral designer this questions!  It depends on the event, the occasion, the time of year or the arrangement.  Flowers are all beautiful in their own way.  Right now we are working with a lot of locally grown Michigan flowers to create Fresh from the Garden inspired looks.  For the upcoming season we will be working on holiday arrangements. We get excited about working with new things and creating looks that no one has ever thought of before.

-What are some of the other services Blumz offers aside from floral arrangements?
Blumz-We are truly a one stop wedding and event planning shop as well as a high end florist. Our Mantra is.. “If you have the Guy, the Ring and the Dress, we can help with all the Rest!”.  This includes tuxedos, linens, invitations, decor, gifts, day of wedding services, officiant services and more.  

-What is your favorite part about this industry?
Blumz- Helping people express emotions through flowers!  We love to make people smile!  Flowers have the power to immediately put a smile on someones face. Weddings are also a very happy time in someone lives and events are fun!  We like to exceed our clients expectations and make sure that they remember working with Blumz as a positive experience. This is true even when they are going through a hard time, such as ordering arrangements for a funeral. While ordering sympathy flowers in not on everyone’s list of enjoyable activities, we hope to make it as easy as possible.  That way when the family reflects back to that time, they can rest assured that everything was handled as tastefully as possible.  Flowers are magical.  If you don’t believe us, offer someone a beautiful bouquet of flowers and see how they react!

-Where are your flowers grown?
Blumz- It depends on the time of the year.  In the summer, we take advantage of the wonderful garden flowers grown locally right here in Michigan and upper Ohio. However, when needing flowers that are not produced locally or more specifically, in the colder months, the vast majority have to come from warmer climates like California, Mexico and South American.  If a bride has her heart set on an exotic flower for her wedding in the middle of winter, we will find someone who has it and have it flown in from halfway across the world!

-What are some of the best flower options for a wedding?
Blumz- It truly depends on the season.  If you stick to seasonal flowers then you are going to spend a little less but you are limited to only those flowers that are available at that moment.  If you want something that is out of season like a peony in the dead of winter, you will have to spend a little more.  There is no specific one way to plan a wedding.  That is why it is so very important to work with a professional who can guide you and assist with making the best decision. Currently, the most popular flowers for wedding work include peonies, dahlias, ranunculus and hydrangea.  Although, you can never go wrong with roses, everyone loves roses!

-Are flowers available year-round even if out of season?
Flowers are blooming somewhere in the world at all times of the year.  So, YES, flowers are available year-round.  The caveat to that statement is that the price and availability is influenced by season and demand.  The less in-season and the higher the demand, the greater the price.  The classic example is red roses at Valentine’s.  Valentine’s Day is in February; WINTER!  So seasonally, not a good thing.  Secondly, EVERYONE is looking for red roses for Valentines so demand is exceptionally HIGH!  Additionally, something that no one for the most part realizes, in order to have all the red roses that are needed for Valentines, rose plants have to be pruned at a specific time to force them to all bloom right at Valentines.  What this means is that flower buds have to be sacrificed before hand to force the bushes to bloom at a specific time…as a result, potential flowers are sacrificed and cost of production is higher therefore the price of red roses skyrockets at Valentines.  Note to brides, do not plan weddings involving red roses at Valentine’s unless you are prepared to pay the price!

-How does Blumz help someone has no knowledge about flowers?
Blumz- We live to educate!  Both owners Jerome Raska and Robbin Yelverton are certified floral educators that travel around the world throughout the year to educate people about flowers and floral design.  When we meet with brides we work with them to figure out what they want and we can help explain why or why not something may or may not work. We can also help you find flowers that match your style that you may not have ever heard of.  Everyone has heard of a rose, but have you heard of an astrantia or an eremurus? There is a world full of beautiful flowers and a lot of brides are unaware of the vast array of products that are available to them .

-What is one thing clients are always surprised to learn?
– That we do so much more than flowers!  We are a gift shop, a wedding and event planning shop, and so much more!

Thank you Blumz for all your beautiful and talented services!

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