Etiquette and Tips when Shopping for Bridesmaid Gifts

Have you been considering what you are going to purchase for your bridesmaid gifts? If so, there are a number of things to think about before the shop-a-thon begins. The gift needs to be thoughtful and serve two purposes: show your appreciation for your bridesmaid’s attendance in your wedding and be a remembrance of the big day. Finding the right gifts for your bridesmaids is just as important as getting the right dresses from With the tips here you will be able to choose the ideal gifts with the attention and care that your girls deserve.

When to Purchase the Gifts
Actually shopping for bridesmaid gifts is not one of those tasks that has a specific timeline. While it is always better to purchase sooner, than later, you should aim to have them taken care of by two months before the wedding.

How Much should You Spend?
When it comes to establishing a budget for the bridesmaid gifts, there are two basic things to consider: how much your budget will allow for each gift and how much they have spent for your big day. You need to keep in mind that you should only spend what you can realistically afford, it is the thought that counts.

However, you should ask yourself what you have asked financially from the bridesmaids. This includes if a plane ticket is necessary, hotel room, shoes, dress, gifts, etc. You need to correspond the gift with the amount they have spent – in most cases $150 maximum per gift will suffice for even the most expensive of weddings.

When to Give the Gifts
In most cases the bridesmaid gifts will be given at the rehearsal dinner, when all of your family and friends are together in one location. The idea behind this is that you make a toast thanking everyone and then pass out the gifts. However, there are some brides that choose to pass the gifts out at a bridesmaid tea or a luncheon the day of the wedding, this is up to your personal preference.
When it comes to bridesmaid gifts, you are essentially saying thank you for the ladies standing by your side on your big day. This is a token of appreciation so the last thing you should do is break your budget with the purchase. When you are shopping for these items you should keep these tips and etiquette standards in mind to ensure that your bridesmaids know how appreciative you are.
Taking the time to find the right gifts for your wedding party is important.

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