11 Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Special


Wedding days can be tough to plan, and nobody wants a day that will be easily forgotten. What you need to do is think outside the box and create a unique day that your guests are sure to remember.

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Choose Local Food

If you are having a location wedding, this can be a great chance to try something new with your tastebuds and use the local food. It might be tempting to choose something that you are used to but you wouldn’t want a roast dinner on a beach in Greece. Try and use as much local food as you can. Not only will it be interesting, it will be supporting local farmers and keeping your carbon footprint lower too.

A simple Bouquet

Having a complicated set of flowers can be overwhelming and unnecessary. Choose a simple bunch of flowers that reflect who you are and to help show off your dress so click here for ideas about the dress. This way the bouquet has a better chance of matching the boutonnière, and brings the whole thing together.

Guest Books

Guest books are things that get forgotten about, but occasionally get shown off after a few years. Why not pick something a bit different? Some people are using coffee table books that match their wedding theme instead of plain books. Or you could decide to use a board game and have people sign the pieces of it.

Song Requests

Have you ever had a DJ say no to a song? You can skip this set back by asking your guests to jot down a song request on their RSVP card. Once you have a list, send it to the DJ in advance to play during the reception.

Something Blue

Instead of the usual garter or jewelery, dress one of the bridal party in blue. The best choice is the flower girl or page boy. You could even create some blue cookies that match your theme for your big day that your guests can enjoy too. The ideas for something blue are endless and they don’t have to be restricted to the usual things.

Choose a Fun Cake Topper

The cake and the topper are a great place to have a little fun with your wedding theme. There are so many to choose from including superheroes and footballers. This can be a great way to inject some fun but not compromise on the formal or glamorous vibe of your big day.

Change the Tables

Having plates as placemats can be overly formal. Try and find something else that would be better fitted to your wedding theme such as mirrored dishes or lace. You could even change the seating by replacing the chairs with benches or floor cushions. This can be fun if you are having a barn wedding as you could even use small hay bales instead of chairs.

Mark the Locations

Are there places that are significant in your relationship? Where did you meet? Where was your first date? All of these places can be included in your wedding day. Creating a timeline on a display to show how the relationship has grown is a great way to share with your guests how you have grown together as a couple. This can be really handy if there are family members present that you aren’t that close to and may have missed out on details of your relationship.

Fruit Bowls

You would be surprised who well a fruit bowl goes down at a wedding. In between a heavy meal, drinks, and dessert, your guests might find themselves craving something to help cleanse their palettes as the night goes on. Having a bowl on every table is a great idea especially if there are kids who can’t wait for all of the courses to be served.

Custom Drinks

There used to be a trend of buying a bottle of spirits on the day a baby is born and saving it for a big day in their life. For a lot of dads, this was their daughter’s wedding day. This has fallen out of fashion but you could start a new trend by arranging for a custom bottle of your favourite drink to be labelled with your wedding date on it.


Signs at weddings have been growing in popularity of the last few years. And there are so many to choose from. You could go for the classic wooden blocks, or the mirrored letters. A new idea of creating a custom neon sign is a new trend that adds a great touch to the reception, especially when the lights go down and the happy couple sees their names in neon.

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