Things the Groom should not forget on the big day!

Lets face it, men are usually late to everything! The first thing the groom should not forget is to set and alarm so he is not late on the big day. There is a lot of stuff to do the day of that you cant forget! Men always think they can get things done in a shorter amount of time than they actually do. I am sure you have all heard the, “it will only take me 5 minutes to fix that” and an hour later you are still waiting on them to be done. Its better to wake up earlier than later!  After all, your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. With that being said sometimes nerves can kick in and make you a little nervous. Something that helps with the nerves would be food. Don’t forget to make time for breakfast and lunch. Eating too much can also make you feel funky so bring some tums or rolaids with you as well. Bringing something for a headache isn’t a bad idea either! Not bringing the marriage license would give you a big headache as well so make sure not to forget that one! The most important thing to not forget would be the reason you are there. The day of the wedding can often be hectic so don’t forget you are there to celebrate the love between a beautiful couple. Let the wedding planners take over and worry about all the little things and focus on your big day! 

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