What to Look for in a Venue

            When it comes to planning your wedding the venues are possibly the most important items to check off your list, besides the dress of course. Venues help to set the mood and inspire the theme for the entire wedding and choosing the correct one is difficult. There are so many places to choose from and by asking the right questions you will find the one of your dreams.
            These questions are to help you narrow down your choices. Because each venue has different qualifications, recommendations, and policies these questions will help you to decide what venue fits if not all but most of the qualifications you desire.
1.      What is the fee for renting the hall/ venue? And what does it include?
2.      Is there a security deposit required?
3.      Are there any requirements regarding the Officiant choice?
4.      Are there any catering/cake restrictions?
5.      Is there an alchohol policy?
6.      What is the refund policy if the wedding were to be canceled?
7.      Are there religious restrictions? Interfaith marriages..ect?
8.      What is the room capacity?
9.      Is there parking available? Paid or not?
10.  Are there decorating restricitons?
So good luck on finding your dream venue to hold your dream wedding!
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