Handfasting Ceremonies


Handfasting ceremonies date back thousands of years and are rooted in Celtic tradition. The meaning of this ceremony has changed quite a bit over time, from once being a wedding ceremony in itself to being a statement of engagement, to now being a tradition performed as a part of a wedding ceremony.

During a handfasting ceremony, the hands of the wedding couple are tied together to symbolize the unification of the two individuals as one. This is also highly symbolic of the common phrase tying the knot, as the couple is literally tying a knot around them to bind them.

The material used to perform this ceremony is largely determined by your preference. Anything from cord, ribbon, robe, to fabric, can be used, and these materials can also be decorated with charms or other items to be unique to you. The color of your materials is also left to your discretion, but it is common to use a color that matches your wedding theme. Etsy has a wide variety of handfasting cords that can be customized to best represent you. It is also common to repurpose the cords from a handfasting ceremony into a decoration or keepsake from your wedding day.

These ceremonies are commonly performed by the wedding officiant but can be performed by anyone. It is becoming more common for a family member or someone close to the wedding couple to tie the cord themselves.

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