Drinking Organic Wine: Is It Good for You?

A glass of wine a day is quite good for your health.
However, if you drink wine regularly, then you might want to consider trying
wines that are made with organic grapes, as this is a lot better for your
health and even for the planet!

Today, we will discuss why you should try going healthier
with organically made wines. Whether you are receiving or sending champagne for a loved one, you should
try being conscious with your wine choices.

It Tastes and Costs the Same, but It Is Better for Your Health

Most people believe that organically made food or wine
doesn’t taste as good as the real deal. This is not true, as organically-made
wines taste as good as traditional wines – sometimes even better!
The reason behind this is that the grapes used to make these
wines are grown from organically tended vineyards, which means that the grapes
ripen the same way as traditional or regular grapes – only better. You get the
same feel and taste; the only difference is that the grapes used to make these
organic wines are grown using fewer (or none at all) chemicals in them.
These wines are not usually expensive than traditional wines
as well. If they are, they cost just a pound or two. If you think about it,
spending another pound for a bottle of organic wine is well worth it since you
are spending that pound for the sake of your health.

It Can Do a Lot of Good for You

Just like what we have mentioned earlier, almost everything
organic is better for your overall health. Some non-organic vineyards might use
chemical fertilizers when growing their grapes. The story is different when it
comes to organic vineyards, as they grow their grapes with much fewer chemicals
and fertilizers – sometimes even none at all.
Organic wines have reduced sulfites. Organic grape wines
usually have no more than 100 ppm, which means that you do not have to worry
about its sulfite content. Also, organic grape wine growers are not allowed to
use glyphosate when growing their grapes. Glyphosate has been banned as it
contains potential carcinogenic hazards. Lastly, natural winemakers are not
allowed to use yeasts that that are genetically modified for fermentation.
Glyphosate, sulfites, and genetically modified yeats are not
typically hazardous for humans. However, your body and your health can do a lot
better if these things are reduced, especially if you drink wine a lot more
often than the average human.

You’re Doing the Earth a Favor

Harmful farming techniques and the use of harsh chemicals
and fertilizers are harming the earth more than we know. These days, biodynamic
and organic farming is where it’s at, especially when it comes to the food and
wine industry. These techniques are helping the air, soil, water, and wildlife
thrive, which is what we want for the planet that we live on.
If you want to apply these changes today, then switch to
drinking organic wines. Try it and see the difference!

Photo Credit: Kate Saler Photography

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