The Man’s Manuscript to Getting Married

For all of you men out there wondering, “What
am I supposed to do when it comes to the engagement and wedding?” You’re The
Bride has a layout for you to follow and you are sure to be the best Fiancé and
husband any bride deserves! This is a timeline to help you get involved and
hopefully you don’t forget anything.
Buy Her a Beautiful Ring. Do your
research before going to the jeweler, ask your fiancé what she likes in style
months before and take notes. This will help you immensely when choosing the
perfect ring. However, if you’re the kind of couple who loves to shop together
she can help you choose it just purchase it at a different date so she doesn’t know
it’s coming.
Step 2:
PROPOSE! Get up the courage to ask her
to marry you, do not skip this step! Many men take into consideration of asking
the brides’ father and/or mother before marriage. This is just considered a
courtesy and older tradition, but is not required.
Step 3:
Help. Once you propose be prepared for
your bride to start planning! Many brides are engaged from 1-2 years before the
wedding. There is a lot of stress and thought that goes into your big day and
just asking what you can do to help will really make it that more special!
About half of the grooms today actually want to be involved in the planning
Step 4:
Pick Your Groomsmen. Most men choose their
own groomsmen, this is very important along with choosing your Best Man because
he will be the one planning your bachelor party! Also try to discuss with your
bride the number of bridesmaids she plans to have so that your numbers match,
it looks better for pictures.
Step 5:
Choose a Location for Rehearsal Dinner.
Traditionally the groom’s family pays for the rehearsal dinner. This is a great
way for both families to be included in the entire process. However this is not
always the case, the groom can just choose a location on his own or ask for
help from others if he would like.
Step 6:
Snazz it Up. Rent or purchase your
tuxedo for the big day. Renting the tuxedo is much less costly and you don’t have
to worry about stains as long as you purchase cleaning. However, a rented
tuxedo cannot be altered if you have a specific body shape; you may want to
consider a tailor made tux. A plus is you will always have one handy if you
need it!
Step 7:
SHOW UP! Get ready for the big day because
it’s here! Make sure to be on time, clean shaven, showered, and ready to go! If
you are nervous you can take a shot to help calm yourself, but do NOT take more
before the ceremony. Your bride doesn’t want to get married to a drunkard or a
puking fiancé at the altar. Save the celebration for the reception.
Step 8:
Book Your Honeymoon Getaway. If you and
your bride have discussed that you would like to go on a vacation make sure to
book it months in advance. Especially if you are planning to go out of the
country as there are some rules, regulations, and shots needed depending on
where you are going.
now have all of the tools you need to be the best groom and future husband to
your beloved!
Congratulations on
your engagement!
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