Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

The tradition of the bride carrying somethings old, new, borrowed and blue originated in the Victorian Era like the tradition of wearing a white dress. Originally the English poem had a final line of “and a silver six-pence in her shoe”, and by having all the items her marriage would be a happy one. This tradition also allows the bride to honor people on her special day.

Something old represents the bride’s past and her family, such as her mother, grandmother or other special relation. By carrying something old the bride connects her past and her future and express continuity in her life. If the bride is honoring a relative a good item to carry would be an heirloom or a memento of the wedding dress a relative wore.

Something new represents the bride and the groom creating a new life together. It also symbolizes luck, success, optimism and hope for the future. Often because so many items are purchased new for the wedding, the wedding dress, flowers or rings are the something new.

Something borrowed represents both the brides acknowledging all the help her family and friends gave her in preparation for her big day and when given by a happily married friend, good fortune being passed on. No matter what is borrowed, it must be returned for the true meaning. Jewelry that a friend wore for her wedding as a popular choice.

Something blue represents what the color blue its self meant: truth, loyalty, faith and fidelity. Blue was a popular color of wedding dresses before white was, probably due to another poem “Marry in blue, lover be true”. So while having blue on the wedding dress used to be a common tradition, having a small accessory or flower in that color is more common now.

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