A Thousand Words Photography ~Boudoir Photography for Your New Husband!




 Trying to think of a gift for your newlywed man? Boudoir shots are a great present that every man is sure to love! Many brides are posing in sexy and some risqué pictures to present to their husbands on their wedding day. Every woman thinks of wearing that nursing outfit or extremely reveling lingerie ensemble but not all of us can do it in person! However getting airbrushed and professionally photographed in these outfits is much more appealing because all of those concerns and flaws can be eliminated!
 Many photographers offer this as part of your wedding day photos. If they don’t, most will offer to add it on, many times at a discounted price because you’re already working with them. There are so many options to choose from. Depending on what your hubby loves almost any fantasy picture can be created! Don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone, a lot of the time if you do you will see that what you are doing for your husband in the pictures may come true in real life! No matter what you look like or your range of comfort every photographer will work with you to create your perfect Boudoir Shot(s) for your husband!
Here are some ideas for those of you who need some inspiration!
·         Sexy Bride- long white veil with sexy bra and panties in white…red lipstick is your friend in this shot!
·         Black and White- with black lingerie and dark eye makeup a black and white shot is unbelievably sexy and helps to create depth and lust in the picture.
·         Sports Shot- for those of you who have a husband who is obsessed with sports this shot is for you! Just wear his favorite team’s jersey with matching color underwear (thong or full coverage will work). Men love women in sportswear for some reason. Lol
·         Classic Housewife- we all know men love a woman who cooks and cleans. The classic red and white polka dot shot with a pie in one hand and the broom in the other is a great shot!
·         Wigs ect.– Don’t be afraid to act out other time periods! The 50’s pin up girl in sexy high rise tights and bra or the 70’s peace sign drawings all over your body in place of clothing is a fun and exciting way to make these photos even more memorable! Wigs will help act these out so that you aren’t limited!
·         Partial Coverage- don’t be afraid to use your hands to cover yourself instead of clothing this creates the illusion of being naked without actually showing it in the photos.
·         Full Coverage- being fully covered is sometimes just as sexy as being completely bare. It leaves him wondering. These photos are best done with sexy full coverage lingerie.
Get out there ladies and show him what you’re workin’ with!!
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