Ashley Talks About Her Experience as a You’re The Bride Intern

Ashley recently finished a 15 week internship with You’re The Bride and I always like to give our interns an exit interview so we can learn more about what they thought about their experience and if we can do anything better. She is a senior at Lake Orion High School and she certainly impressed me with positive attitude no matter what task I assigned. She is an amazing young woman and I am so lucky to have met her. She made great contributions to the team! ‘m so happy that she felt she learned so much from her time with me. I will miss her!  Here are a few of the questions we asked her! 

1.   What things did you enjoy about the internship?

           I enjoyed making the christmas card and flyers for holidays and
promotions. I also enjoyed putting together the bathroom basket and researching
ideas and decor for weddings. I loved being able to see all of the elements
come together on the wedding day

2.      Do you think it was a valuable experience if so why?

     This was a very valuable experience for me. I did not know much
about planning a wedding before my internship. I now know what it takes to plan
a wedding from the beginning stages to the wedding day.

3.     What did you learn about wedding/event planning?

     I learned that they are a lot of little details that make up a
wedding. I also learned that there are many things that need to be done after
the event, not just before.

4.     What was your favorite part of the experience while interning
at You’re The Bride?

     My favorite part of my experience at Youre
The Bride was going to the weddings and seeing all the different venues and
wedding styles. I loved seeing how you were able to use the brides vision and
create a wedding that embodied it.

5.      What did you dislike about the internship?

     I did not have anything specifically that I did not like. For me
personally it was sometimes challenging to balance my school work,
cheerleading, and the internship. Even though I was very busy I thought that it was
a lot of fun doing this internship and I was able to learn a lot.

6.      Do you have any suggestions on how to change or
make the internship better?

     When we met I learned a lot that I didnt
know. I know that it was very challenging for us to both find time to meet. I
think that future interns would benefit greatly by meeting with you like I was
able to.

7.      Do you have plans to either become a wedding or event
planner while working for someone else or starting your own wedding business?

     I do not have any plans on working for another event planner. I
really enjoy event planning but I would like to follow through with my plan of
going to school for marketing. This internship allowed me so show my creativity
and I can incorporate that into marking. I also learned how to write blogs and make
timelines, this can help me tremendously in my future.

8.      Are you interested in working any weddings with YTB as an
Event Assistant in the future to gain more experience for a day rate?

     Yes I would love to work on future weddings.

9.   List any other comments/feedback you wish to share about
your experience.

     I had a lot of fun learning about all of the elements that go
into wedding planning. I was able to learn a lot and experience something that
I never experienced before. 

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