Amazing You’re The Bride Testimonal !!

Just received the MOST AMAZING testimonial from a former bride. She really explained just how valuable our services are. It is quite lengthy but an excellent read if you are a bride to be looking for a coordinator. We hope you will read it and give us a call so you too can have a fabulous experience. I am blown away by the time she must have taken to write this for us. Thank you Irma you are a doll !!

Having had NO experience with wedding planning, my husband and I hired Tracie as our “Day of Coordinator”. This was by far the best decision we could have made for our wedding planning. My husband and I are working professionals with busy schedules. Before we hired Tracie, we started anning our small wedding of about 50 guests more than one year in advance of the wedding date, and
with such advance planning we still became extremely overwhelmed. We did extensive research on various aspects of wedding planning, and even began selecting vendors. However, we soon began to struggle to complete tasks and had no idea how everything would fall into place on our wedding day. Prior to hiring Tracie, we researched and interviewed other wedding coordinators but were dissatisfied
with their level of expertise and professionalism (or lack thereof). We wanted someone who would tie
everything together, be very attentive to detail, give wedding planning advice, and provide assistance to us throughout our special day. Other coordinators we interviewed also offered “day of services” at a
similar rate but they also proposed to do minimal work (e.g., No vendor coordination, no ongoing
planning advice, no troubleshooting, no personal assistant to the bride, no timing of ceremony or
reception music, no pinning of boutonnieres or corsages, no dismantling of decorations, and no packing
up of personal belongings). The coordinators agreed only to remain until the end of the reception if their
fee was increased. One coordinator, having arrived almost one hour late to our initial meeting,
informed us that she would also be involved in planning her own wedding.

From our first meeting with Tracie, we knew that we wanted to hire her. We enjoyed her warm
personality and her organizational skills. Much to our amazement, Tracie provided more than the “Day
of Coordination services”!! It would be a challenge to recount the numerous things that Tracie did to
make our day so remarkable and special. Tracie was certainly an excellent value. Although she may not
have quoted us the lowest price, we certainly learned that you get what you pay for, and Tracie was
worth every penny compared to the other wedding coordinators we interviewed.

Tracie helped us select our wedding invitations and guided us on the correct and proper
wording. She also provided suggestions for vendors. We are especially grateful to Tracie for keeping us
on a timeline so that crucial dates were not missed. Tracie kept in contact with all of our vendors and
worked with our florist to ensure that our fresh flowers were ordered by the cut-off date and arrived on
time. We came extremely close to missing our cut-off date for the flowers, but thanks to Tracie’s
continuous monitoring of our vendors, we did not.
Tracie briefed all of the vendors on the wedding day’s events and prepared a script to assist our
designated volunteer MC since it was his first time. We became even more amazed when Tracie
temporarily filled in as our MC. She did a fantastic job!

Approximately a month before the wedding, we decided to hire a vocalist for our reception and
tried unsuccessfully to find a suitable and talented one on our own. Two days before the wedding, we
mentioned our failed attempts to Tracie. Tracie worked her magic again and our guests were treated to
the sounds of the fabulous Kimberly Fairchild. Ms. Fairchild was already booked for another event on
that day, but because of Tracie’s persuasion, Ms. Fairchild agreed to accommodate us into her schedule.
Her performance was outstanding. Our guests are still raving about Ms. Fairchild’s amazing talent.

Tracie and her assistant Becca beautifully decorated the church and reception venue. They also
ensured that everything was packed up when the event was over. During the wedding planning process,
Tracie also suggested various ways for us to save money on our limited budget, and she helped us avoid
certain vendor fees. We are especially thankful to Tracie for picking up the flowers and ribbons from the
florist and for returning the rental vases for us while we were away on our honeymoon.

Because of Tracie our wedding day went smoothly and everyone had a great time. My husband
commented that “Tracie was the glue that kept everything together for our wedding day.” I certainly
agree with that. Without Tracie, our entire day would have been nothing but hectic and chaotic! We
were able to relax on our special day knowing that everything was being taken care of, and we were
able to spend quality time with our family and friends. Tracie made our wedding day even more special
than we could have ever imagined!! In our opinion, Tracie’s services were beyond excellent and we
were glad that we made such a small financial investment.
My advice to future brides is to save yourself and your family the enormous stress and aggravation that often accompanies wedding planning and hire an experienced and highly recommended wedding coordinator such as Tracie Morris. We certainly recommend her. This is so irregardless of the size of your wedding.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Tracie.

Irma and Dennis
Dearborn, MI