How to Find Inspiration For Your Wedding

            Need inspiration? Many times it’s hard to know where to start. Finding the perfect theme, color palate, venue, ect. for your big day is sometimes one of the hardest things to do. Often it is the first thing to do, besides agreeing on a budget.
            Inspiration for your wedding can come from just about anywhere, but the best places to look are in your own life. Think of things you, and your fiancé, love. Are you a couple who loves to sail, hike, go on trips, play sports, decorate, create art…the list goes on! This is a great place to start because it gives you a direction. Once you think of something you both have in common or are both passionate about it helps you to narrow down the possibilities. It is also a great way to add your own personal touch to the wedding.
            A second way to find inspiration is to think of the things you and/or your fiancé have accomplished during your lives. Are there any milestones you have passed? Great feats? These are great inspiring ideas and great stories to share with those you love on your big day.
            Thirdly, friends and family are always great! Pick apart their brains they may think of something you haven’t. You don’t have to use everything they say but there may be that one small idea you can incorporate or start from when planning your wedding.
            Lastly, of course the internet and magazines are great places to look for inspiration! Though they may not be from your own experiences there are hundreds of inspiring ideas out there for you to choose from! Even if you just see a color palate you love you can tweak it to fit you and your fiancé’s personalities for a perfect day! 
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