5 Ways To Make Your Wedding More Sustainable in Detroit

Our friends at George Street Photography wrote this guest post
for us. Enjoy their tips on ways to make your wedding more sustainable…….

First comes the proposal, then comes the planning! But
beyond the time and budget investments that go into preparing for your big day,
it’s all about one thing: the love you share with your soulmate. So, why not put your love and
creativity to work for the environment? In recent years, green weddings are
gaining popularity amongst eco-conscious couples who hope to use their wedding
as a platform for something greater.

Wondering what you can do to be kind to Mother Earth on your big day?
From organic bouquets to farm-to-table menus, here are a few tips to planning
an eco-friendly wedding!
Gorgeous &
It might seem hard to believe, but there are so many ways
you can be eco-friendly when selecting your wedding gown! If you’ve dreamed of
donning your mother’s dress since you were a little girl, you can choose to
reuse the heirloom for your own wedding, or if you’re able, use fabric from the
gown to create your own ensemble. You can also choose to go the charitable
route in terms of sustainability. Brides Against Breast Cancer, for instance,
allows you to buy or donate a dress, with all proceeds going to support women
with breast cancer.
Keep it Local: Support
your local economy and opt for locally-sourced materials whenever possible.
When crafting your menu, try and seek out a caterer who provides regional,
seasonal and organic entreés. Not only are these options often healthier than
your standard dish, but they also add an intimate, local touch you just can’t
find anywhere else. For florals, consider hiring an organic florist or use
farmers’ market finds to create your bouquet and centerpieces! The end result?
Arrangements that are green-friendly and absolutely gorgeous!
Practical &
Do your part in saving the trees by considering alternatives for
your invitations. For more casual or smaller weddings, try using Paperless Post
or another service to create ‘e-vites’ for your guests. If you’d like to stick
with tangible invitations, seek out stationery printed on recycled cotton. You
can go this route with your ceremony programs, place cards and other paper
products, or you may even just to go without these items, as well.
Reuse & Recycle: Speaking
of recyclable materials…consider carrying that concept throughout your entire
wedding. Select wedding shoes you can wear again and again, or donate reusable
materials like burlap table runners to local artists. For your reception,
consider using linen napkins, biodegradable plates and energy-efficient
appliances when possible. And believe it or not, you can do this all without
sacrificing your budget or penchant for dreamy details.
Fresh Favors: No
matter how practical you might think your wedding favors are, the sad reality
is that many guests throw them out after one or two uses. So, why not give them
something they’ll use that also gives back to the environment? Potted
succulents or herbs, seed packets and jars of your hometown’s local honey are
all viable, eco-friendly options. You can also forgo favors all together and
make a donation to your favorite charity on your guests’ behalf.
Tying the knot with your soulmate means investing in your
love and relationship for the long-term. And by following our tips and applying
a green thumb to each aspect of your wedding, you’ll also be investing in a
sustainable lifestyle — and that’s definitely worthwhile!

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