Exit Interview with Intern Maureen

Maureen on left watching her first bride go down the aisle!

What things did you enjoy about the internship?
I really enjoyed the vendor meetings before the events since
they were such a big part of visualizing the event before it actually happened.
2.            Do you
think it was a valuable experience if so why?
I certainly think it was a valuable experience. This
internship helped show me a big part of the marketing side of the event world
that I did not know much about.
3.            What did
you learn about wedding/event planning?
I learned that not all vendors are going to get along and a
big part of being the event planner is being the bad guy at times when it needs
to happen.
4.            What was
your favorite part of the experience while interning at You’re The Bride?
Interacting with vendors before the events and overall
learning new things about the event industry.
5.            What did
you dislike about the internship?
The weekly blogs. I have never had to write for something
outside of a school assignment before so it was sometimes difficult for me to
come up with new ideas to write about.
6.            Do you
have any suggestions on how to change or make the internship better?
I would suggest attending networking events with your future
interns such as National Association for Catering & Events (NACE) or
Michigan Cares for Tourism. I think these are exciting ways for Hospitality
Students to get their names out there and it would be neat to expose your
interns to them. Maybe even a small workshop would be fun.
7.            Do you
still have plans to either become a wedding or event planner while working for
someone else or starting your own wedding business? Please note as a reminder
per the non-compete agreement that you signed you are not allowed to work for
another wedding/event planning company for a period of 1 year within a 50 mile
radius of You’re The Bride in Farmington, MI except with the prior written consent
of the company/Tracie Morris.
I still do plan on becoming an event planner after this
internship. Before this internship, my plan was to get into corporate planning
after I graduate and that is still my goal. This internship helped affirm that
I do not want to do wedding planning but it helped me see how the wedding side
of the event industry works which I feel like is a vital lesson to learn. Since
I wish to do corporate planning, I plan on working for someone else.
8.            Are you
interested in working any weddings with YTB as an Event Assistant in the future
to gain more experience for a day rate?
9.    Are you
interested in assignments as needed for a flat rate per assignment? This could
be preparing wedding blogs, working bridal shows, similar tasks that you did
during the internship, etc.*Of course this is on an as needed basis depending
on how busy I am in the future and how soon I am able to start the next
   10. List any other
comments/feedback you wish to share about your experience.

During this experience, I spent a lot of time communicating
one on one with Tracie through Email, text, and face to face. Each time, Tracie
seemed more like a friendly mentor than a stern boss. She never made me feel
nervous about asking questions and always showed her appreciation when I
completed a task. Tracie even went so far as to get me a birthday present when
we had a major wedding on my birthday this past summer. She clearly cares about
her clients and interns which is something I am incredibly grateful for. 

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