Reception Music: Band vs. DJ

Having the right music at your wedding is key to setting the mood and making sure that your guest have a good time. So when choosing between a band or DJ here are some things to consider:

Band Pros:

* Sound quality most likely better then a DJ

* Live music can get your guest energized and excited and more people may dance

* A specific type band could help with wedding themes ( example 1930s theme with a swing band )

* Can easily change the tempo to accommodate dance moves

Band Cons:

* Cost of a band can be very expensive

* Some bands can really only play one sound and have a hard time switching styles

* Musicians have to take breaks so if they put a CD on it won’t be the same energy as the band playing

DJ Pros:

* Your first dance song can be sung by the artist that made you fall in love, rather than an imitation

* Most DJs have libraries of hundreds of songs. That means they’ll have music that your friends will like, as well as for the older generation of guests

* No breaks in the music

DJ Cons:

* Beware of the autopilot DJ, many have their routines down so they can get bored

* Might make bad jokes or play things you don’t like

Whether you choose a DJ or band, make sure you meet with them and see them perform to make sure they are right for you!

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