Newlyweds Paul Davis Restoration Helps in Tragedy


Newlyweds Paul Davis Restoration helps in tragedy. Don’t start off your life together with a Kitchen Fire! You just received all these cool gadgets, pots and pans from your gift registry and your ready to cook in your new kitchen! 

One of the first things newlyweds do when they move in is express their love language through a meal. With starting your new life together and living in your new home, the last thing you would want to experience is a kitchen fire. Kitchen fires are the leading cause of house fires in America. Below are a few tips to avoid/prevent a kitchen fire in your new kitchen.

1. Get Rid of Build Up Grease

We all use grease to cook with our food. However, people don’t understand how dangerous grease can be. Grease is highly flammable and if a fire starts, built up grease will fuel the fire. So, clean your surfaces regularly to get rid of built up grease.

2. Have the Proper Kitchen Equipment

When cooking, people don’t think to check the durability and condition of their cooking equipment. Damaged and old cooking equipment can cause a fire if it breaks or leaks over the stove. Also, if your pot gets too hot and burns food easily, that can start a fire. Everytime you cook, check the condition of the equipment you will be using to avoid a fire. Newlyweds Paul Davis Restoration helps in tragedy so keep their information handy. 

 3. Check on your Food Regularly

Cooking can be long and exhausting especially if you’re cooking a brisket or roast. These meals can take 2-5 hours to cook. Most people put a timer on and leave the kitchen to go do something else and don’t come back to check on their food until the end of cooking time. This is what causes most kitchen fires. Check on your food every 15 minutes and stay close by the kitchen just in case a fire does happen, you will be alerted quickly. Check your food regularly, it will save your kitchen and your home.

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Kitchen fires can devastate a new marriage, but don’t give up hope because Paul Davis Restoration of East Michigan can supply that for you. Paul Davis Restoration of East Michigan is a restoration company that repairs and cleans up damage to institutional, commercial and residential properties due to storm, mold, water, fire or other disasters. They are your best friends on your worst day. With Paul Davis Restoration of East Michigan, Hope is Restored.

paul davis restoration

Photo Credit: Paul Davis Restoration

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