Royal Oak Music Theatre: Military Weddings 11-11-11

On 11-11-11 You’re The Bride participated and donated our day-of coordination services for the day to these 8 special couples. Here is an email I just received from Jessie at the Royal Oak Music Theater with a thank you for helping and a link to the pictures.

Hello everyone,

Congratulations to us, we did it !

Thanks to everyone’s help, 8 military couples and their families were treated to a spectacular wedding that no one will soon forget. I hope you feel really good about your efforts because without each of your contributions, these couples would not have had such a beautiful and complete wedding. I wanted to share my heartfelt appreciation and let you know what a truly good deed you did. I talked with many of the parents at the wedding, and most of them had tears in their eyes as they told me that without this opportunity their son, or daughter, would not have had been able to afford such a wonderful wedding.

I received many heartfelt sentiments from the couples, their families and friends throughout the night, which made me extremely proud of what we accomplished collectively. What we did was nothing short of remarkable and life changing for these families!
If you want to see what the happy couples looked like, Steve and his team took some amazing pictures of the event!

To view the pictures go to then click on the girl sitting on the bench that will direct you into the site. Once in go to the proofing section and enter in the event id: USA11 then press go you will be directed to enter your name and email address.
I wish I had the words to express how much all of you mean to me…! I apologize for the group email but I wanted to express my thoughts and acknowledge everyone together. You are all incredible individuals and I am honored to have had this opportunity to work with you. I will never forget the generosity of spirit you each gave, and neither will the couples!

All my love!

Special Events Director

Royal Oak Music Theatre